Comment on the Nature of Architecture

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Originally posted on While reviewing our google analytics, I noticed that someone made it to our page using the search “architecture is not sculpture”. This is an interesting place to start a discussion. By itself, the statement “architecture is not sculpture” is true but only so far that the adjacent statement “architecture is not just sculpture” […]


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There has been some discussion on this web site and others about the cost associated with well designed homes. In my post entitled McPeople I posited that home owners in general are willing to accept inferior design in the name of blandness and resale. A commenter suggested that the cause for this is the marketing ability and budgets of the large […]

Spirit of Place

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Originally posted on It wasn’t until I walked into the Utah Veteran’s Memorial when I was in my twenties that I became conscious of the Spirit of Place. I vaguely remember the feeling being somewhat familiar suggesting that while this was the first time the sensation was strong enough to break through the hidden barrier […]

Sometimes, Great Design Just Happens!

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Some great design just happens! In design school, I once had a professor say that “designers make great use out of accidents.” Hard to believe that you are hearing a designer say this, but some of the greatest things I have ever seen weren’t planned by anyone. They just happened.Some of my favorite works of my own […]

Clearly Speaking

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Originally posted on This post contains correspondence I recently had with Daniel Libeskind (well, actually someone on his staff), I’m sure he has better things to do then to correspond with an obscure architect from the backwoods of Minnesota. Before I get to it, however, I would like to indicate that my intention is […]

What is an Artist (or Architect)?

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I know that this blog is billed somewhat as a critique of architecture and specifically that of residential planning and design. However, an article appeared in the last issue of Architecture MN that I want to comment on. The title of the article is “Is and Architect an Artist?” by Mike Reed. This is a discussion that I have considered […]