Following the Admonition of Paul

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Following the Admonition of Paul

Thought I would share a couple of thoughts today. Last night, as a family, we reviewed the “admonition of Paul.” If you don’t know to what I refer, it is direction given by the Apostle Paul, in this case, to the people living in Philippi. Of course, he gave lots of direction to lots of different people, but this one stands out. It is to think about things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous and worthy of praise.

On my facebook feed this morning are stories about a rash of immigrant men sexually abusing women in Germany, a political candidate accused of felonies, accusations of blood lust from one activist towards another, how what we all really need are expensive gadgets and toys in our homes, terrorism, jokes about pornography and our failure to combat poverty.

It seems that there is so much ugly, mean, hurtful, violent and dishonest things in our world that sometimes it feels like that is all there is.

But when I went back and looked at my facebook again to make the list above, I realized I also had a wedding engagement announcement, a letter from a missionary, photos of a family hike and a birthday and a visit to a senior home and a new grandfather with his granddaughter. There was a video of an impromptu piano recital and another of a family playing board games together. There were recollections of previous memories between lifetime friends and an account of a 6th grade band concert.  Why didn’t I see all that before?  Why is it so easy to focus on the bad?

Last night, I encouraged my family to recommit to fill our home with the things that Paul asked us to focus on. I absolutely believe that following this counsel can relieve anxiety, encourage kindness and make us more happy. When I focused on those things in social media that are consistent with Paul’s direction, my mood changed and my demeanor lightened.

Another prophet, much more recently, said “We must know Christ better than we know Him and remember Him more often than we remember Him.” He said this in the context of finding true joy.

I absolutely believe that these two bits of counsel, one from the Apostle Paul and the other from President Howard W. Hunter, are one in the same. We know him and remember him by thinking on the things that are true, lovely, of good report and worthy of praise.

So, today, I am going to look for goodness and think about things that are pure and lovely. In so doing I will know Him a little better and remember Him a little more.