Taxes and the IRS Scandel

Posted by on May 20, 2013 in Politics | No Comments

With the IRS making waves in the media pool I have been reminded of a few posts I made some time ago.  As you may know, sometimes I like to wax (not so) poetic about current events and, since it’s my nature, think about how I would solve the problems.  Well, that’s what I did back a little while and I thought that in light of current events I would repost these here.

I am a proponent of a flat tax, but I don’t think that is the only way to go. I am somewhat ok with a national sales tax too, but not as much as a flat tax.  But whatever the tax system, it only has to do one thing.

It has to provide enough revenue to the government for it to fulfill it’s constitutionally mandated functions.  In some cases, we may want it to also provide enough revenue for the government to do some extra-constitutional functions as well.  That’s a related but different topic.

There are lots of things it shouldn’t do, but one that is worse than any other, is promote any behavior or result other than success.

So in the next two posts, I am going to share my ideas.

#1 No Federal Income Tax or Tax on Individuals of Any Kind
#2 A Hybrid Tax System