Douglas Oldham - Who I Am

Douglas Oldham – Architect and Designer in Provo, Utah….that’s right….I’ve moved…. but I still have awesome clients in Brainerd Baxter, Minnesota

In case you didn’t see what it says in the upper left hand corner, my name is Douglas Oldham.  People don’t usually call me that.  Like most Douglas’s I go by Doug.

I am a husband to my beautiful wife and the father of 5 beautiful children.  And a grandfather of 1!

I’m an artist.  I have chosen architecture as my primary medium, but at different times in my life I have dabbled in paints, digital media, sculpture and photography.

I live in Provo, Utah. I moved here in 2018 from Brainerd, Minnesota.  Yes, like in the movie “Fargo.” I didn’t live there long enough to sound like I’m from Minnesota but long enough to feel like it.  The schools are great and the weather and the bugs are exactly what you think they are…except the mosquitoes are big. But…. I moved to Provo, Utah (remember what I said above about being a grandfather?).

We love Provo! Weather, scenery, mountains, people! All are amazing here.

I ride my (mountain) bike, read about history, play basketball, spend time outside, hang with my kids and design things.  I used to climb rocks and mountains but as I’m getting older I’m learning to fish…not because I like fish, but because I like fishing (also known as sitting in a boat on a beautiful lake being with family and friends).  I think there are probably still a few ascents left in me but really, I spend most of my free time that’s not spent with my first love, with my second….riding single track.

I love nature.  I am in awe of it.  I have spent time in some of the deepest canyons, on some of the highest mountains, the wildest rivers and calmest lakes in many of the western states…and Minnesota (and then there was that trip with my parents to Hawaii).

I created this site as a place where I can show you who I am and what I’ve done.

I’ve learned that once I write something down, I can generally let go of it.  Until then, it rattles around inside my head and distracts me.  So, I will use this site as a place to deposit my thoughts so I can get some work done!