A Tribe of One, A Tribe of Many

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A Tribe of One, A Tribe of Many

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my life specifically, and life in general in the context of the current social dialogue about identity, community and tribalism. I have a thought or two I thought I would share. This is just one persons (developing) opinion. I can only think of 3 tribes that matter. The […]

Following the Admonition of Paul

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Following the Admonition of Paul

Thought I would share a couple of thoughts today. Last night, as a family, we reviewed the “admonition of Paul.” If you don’t know to what I refer, it is direction given by the Apostle Paul, in this case, to the people living in Philippi. Of course, he gave lots of direction to lots of […]

Umpqua College Tragedy

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President Obama and I have at least one thing in common. We both desperately want to see senseless violence in the United States stop. I listened to his impassioned plea last night after yet another, high profile, shooting occurred, this time in rural Oregon, and couldn’t help but empathize with his frustration. I want to […]

My Thoughts After the Sandy Hook Massacre

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A few year ago I would never have considered myself someone who cared much about politics let alone follow it. But now, it keeps me up at night just thinking about it. Not necessarily because it bothers me, but I sometimes have a hard time shutting my brain down at night and more and more, […]

Oatmeal and Hot Wheels

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A few minutes ago I was browsing through the ENDLESS digital pictures we have while thinking to myself how many of these are just plain junk. Then I came across this photo and it made me smile…big. This photo represents the culmination of a story that reminds me how awesome my son is. If you […]

25 Things Fathers Should Teach Their Sons

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A friend of mine just posted a link to this interesting article in the Huffington Post.  It made me think and so I jotted down a few words.  In this post, I will list each of the 25 items from the article with my thoughts about each item.  It’s good to think about and makes […]

Ride the Red

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I got home today from my new morning ritual involving red dirt and saw a link on facebook to a radio interview with a friend of mine talking specifically about an event coming up called the Cayuna Lakes Klunker Ride and Scrap Metal Jamboree and in general about his experience riding the red dirt of the Cayuna […]

Happy People Do Happy Things

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Originally posted on www.oldhamfamily.info “If you are breathing, you have problems.” I forget who said this, but it’s true. The only people who don’t have any problems in their life are dead already. My church, on a monthly basis, has an additional meeting typically held on a Sunday evening called a “fireside”. This is a […]